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MAD - The New Acronym Around Here

(sigh) Well, I suppose I am getting better. But this morning I was major league clogged up. Whatever this war is going on in my head, I do so hope that the antibiotics are winning, because I am really tired of all this. Mrs. Dr. Phil is over at GVSU watching a performance of Candide. I was coughing and gasping so much this morning I felt it ridiculous to subject concert goers with such a performance. (grin) This afternoon? My nose has been fairly clear for breathing for a couple of hours now. Of course.

Meanwhile I'm not really getting anything done this weekend. I haven't got much of anything done in the last couple of weeks, except that I haven't quite given up -- hence the Minimum Actually Done concept. Whether too tired, too congested, too blah, I haven't had the motivation to concentrate and read a book or do much in the way of writing. Lots of ideas running through my head, but it doesn't translate too much into action.

Another Trip Home Canceled

Actually, on Friday I realized we'd never even tried to get airline reservations to Greensboro NC for Spring Break. But whether I am still sick, if the first 10 days of antibiotics doesn't quite cut it, or just recovering, I'm not sure I'd even want to chance flying given how congested I've been. Ohmygod! That fat man in 10-C, his head just exploded! And then there's the fact that it's been a month since I've been able to lie down in a bed to sleep all night through. Not sure if there are any suitable chairs for sleeping in at home -- nope, not even gonna try that.

So some of the stuff that I've not been getting done since the Inauguration (more or less) might have a chance of getting caught up with during Spring Break. And though the 'rents will miss seeing us in March, we hadn't actually discussed much about coming since we had to cancel the trip back at Christmas due to weather.

Okay, I've typed the four paragraphs I wanted to type. Now it's time for a nap. Later...

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