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From reading a blog or two of people I know from the 2004 Clarion workshop, one is exposed to interesting tidbits, articles, people and other blogs on the Internet. It seems "too easy" to merely link to someone else and say, look what they found, and equally "too easy" to copy those links and put them in your blog. But I've found lots of really interesting things and places to be in the few minutes of free web surfing I do while eating a Velveeta and hot dog sandwich at lunch.

I have lurked and roamed on the Web for years, leaving nary a shadow of my presence, except for any logfiles I might be tripping over. But with a LiveJournal account of my own, I am more tempted to respond to some of the people I meet. I'm trying not to become too strange, living only on the Web like some digitized wraith -- I have classes to teach, SF stuff to write, kitties to play with and a wife to share a life with -- which is why I don't publish to this blog all the time. (grin)

All The Cool Free Stuff

Most of the blogs I frequent are SF and writing related, not surprisingly since that's how I came to look at anyone's blogs to begin with. There's information and stories and rumors and rants and pictures galore to look at. And people freely "borrow" from each other and quote others as well as they can, even if they can't remember the reference:

"I knew I saw the first man on the moon - I didn't realize I'd seen the last one, too."

It's like a really good theme paper where no one worries about the footnotes...

The Perfect Comic Strip

So at the risk of merely jumping on a "me-too" bandwagon...

My Clarion class mate slithytove today provided a link to meritahut and her comics. I went through a dozen or more, reading them in reverse order. Actually I find the dialogues between the artist and comments to be insightful as well, so linked to the comments on "today's" entry and just kept hitting the Previous button to read the next.

They're about SF reading and writing, rejection letters, books, people, life, fandom, kitties, etc. As good as some of the comics in The Grand Rapids Press are, meritahut is closer to "my people" than any of those. Plus there's a level of depth and "hidden" detail which is lacking in mass audience comics. As a person of "limited artistic drawing talents not involving technical drawing implements or machine subjects," I am of course jealous and in awe of decent drawing talent -- and these are nice.

Go check them out.

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