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New Story Out In The Wild!

It's February, So People Are Getting The May Issue Today

I didn't know what issue it was going to be in, but the May 2009 Analog has my short story "The Brother of the Shelf" ***. Thanks to my WOTF-XXIV colleague Patrick Lundrigan dandyfunk for posting on my Facebook wall (this communication thing is getting complicated) that he just got his subscription copy.

Not that I should pay attention, mind you, but the Analog Forum has one comment review from a reader -- I've apparently confused them as to why the future seems so much like today. (grin)

Anyway, I don't have the cover art and I don't know when it'll show up in book stores and magazine racks, but to any and all who run across my story -- enjoy!

Dr. Phil

*** original title was "The Johnson Boys of Ames, Iowa"
Tags: analog, dr phil stories, science fiction

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