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The Campbell Award For New Writers (1st Year)

Award Eligibility

Between being busy and being sick and not getting much writing done lately, a sad combination (grin), I've not paid much attention to The Campbell Award For New Writers, but it seems that I'm on the First Year List -- I just sent them some information, including website stuff.

Unfortunately they seem to mix pro eligibility with both short stories and novels -- and I am unlikely to get a novel published in the next year. Of the 86 people up for the award, 47 in the second year and 39 in their first, 13 are the authors in the WOTF Volume XXIV anthology, as to be expected. And I recognize another group of writers from having met them or corresponded with them on LJ, etc. So I am in good company and am unlikely to win. No tiara for Dr. Phil. (sigh) (grin)

But I thought I'd let y'all know.

Dr. Phil
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