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A Special Treat After Spring Break


Right at 10am, on my drive towards Kalamazoo, WLAV-FM began a new round of its Classic Rock A-Z -- playing every damned song in the house. Only this time they mean it. They've spent weeks putting everything onto hard drives and archiving it all so they won't lose it. (grin) They've done this at least twice before -- I thought I'd blogged about it before, but couldn't find the entry.

Anyway, it's a joy for next two weeks plus, and as they say, "even we don't know how long this will take." Normally I have the sound off in the office, but got to listen to Alice's Restaurant during lunch. (evil grin)

Classic Rock A to Z

Classic Rock 97LAV proves it has West Michigan's largest on air library by playing it back in alphabetical order!

We have just completed archiving 100's of songs from LAV's historic past to our already massive on air library! From "A day in the Life" to "Ziggy Stardust" & everything in between. Listen for your old favorites that are unique to WLAV & West Michigan. Try & guess what song is coming up next for cool prizes. Listen for your chance to grab passes for you & a guest. You must be at least 21 years old! Celebrating LAV's increadable musical past with CLASSIC ROCK A to Z!

It's not oldies if you lived back then!

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