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Two For Three In Software Upgrades

Never Rest, Never Surrender

If people weren't bastards, then one wouldn't have nearly as much pressure to upgrade software on computers. And one of the things which really annoys me is having to patch the OS, update anti-virus and upgrade firewalls -- none of which actually DO anything except run the computer and, hopefully, keep it safe. What a waste of time, all because a bunch of idiots have some misguided notion that they have a right to access my machines, mess with my data, steal my information, have demand rights on what little moneys that I have. Sonsofbitches.


For the last several weeks, the Norton Anti-Virus on the Sony VAIO S270P laptop has wanted to give me a free copy of NAV 2009. Thing of it is, I installed NAV 2009 on the Fujitsu U810 and it was ugly. Basically the version on the install CD-ROM couldn't update itself and I had to download the updater from Symantec. Anyway, Symantec hates ZoneAlarm, so before I got around to do anything, I downloaded and installed the latest version of ZoneAlarm. Version 8 is leaner than Version 7, and claims to run faster. Hopefully it maintains itself as a decent firewall, because that's why I'm installing it.

NAV 2009 -- NOT

Pulled up the message saying they wanted to upgrade NAV to NAV 2009. Clicked on the link for More Information. Naturally it fired up my default browser, which of course is not Internet Explorer, and hung. I'd anticipated that, fired up IE, pasted in the URL and waited. And waited. Don't know what the problem was, maybe too many people were running the Symantec servers on a Sunday afternoon, but there's no way I'm going to do a huge download over the net if they cannot even load an informational web page.

Sorry Symantec. Fail today.

MathType 6.5

I've been using MathType 3.1, the full version of the Equation Editor used in Microsoft Word, for a long time. MathType 3.1, however, only runs for me on Windows 95, 98SE and NT4. I have a copy of MathType 5 for another machine, but I've been meaning to get a current version and hope that it works with my old MathType 3.1 equations in my Word 95 documents. I shouldn't have worried so much. Double-clicking on an equation in an existing file fired up the new MathType just fine. And now my Windows XP Pro machines will have proper equation editing, which makes my life a lot easier.

So... two out of three software upgrades went fine as they should. I suppose I should be grateful for 2-out-of-3. And to be honest, it was the FYI webpage at Symantec which failed to load -- I never got as far as upgrading NAV itself. Later on that one.

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