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In The Stupidest Genre Media Move of 2009...

"Sci Fi Channel Aims to Shed Geeky Image With New Name"

So says a posting by jeffsoesbe. The link to an article didn't work, so I Googled the above and got a lot of geeky hits, but settled on a very brief brief article in USAToday.

UPDATE: longer article here.

And what, pray tell, did NBC/Universal settle on to rename Sci Fi Channel and give it more panache and less grubby geekitude? Syfy Channel.

Syfy? WTF Is Syfy?

I thought maybe they'd be honest and call it the Trash Channel or the We Aim To Close Down All The Shows You Really Love Channel. After all, there was Sci Fi Channel's classic plan to kill Farscape, a show with one of the richer sets of female characters, in order to "appeal more towards women." And this genius move was headed up by a woman.
When fans thought there was still a chance that "Farscape" might return on Sci Fi, female fans sent network head Bonnie Hammer hundreds of bras to show their, er, support for the show.

No Rlly? WTF Iz Syfy?

"Syfy" is so far out past the fringe, I cannot imagine what the hell the network is thinking. Is it supposed to be TextSpeak? How the hell is that not geeky? I can only imagine they wanted to create a new word/spelling that they could trademark. But you know, if you came up with a character in an SF story named "Syfy", most editors would cringe and drop the story.

UPDATE From Moron In Charge
“What we love about this is we hopefully get the best of both worlds,” Mr. Howe said. “We’ll get the heritage and the track record of success, and we’ll build off of that to build a broader, more open and accessible and relatable and human-friendly brand.”


Such Is The Dearth Of Science Fiction On The Tube...

... that I do go back to Sci Fi Channel from time to time. But other than watching Battlestar Galactica wind down and Stargate/Atlantis re-runs, Dr. Who when they get around to airing it, there isn't a helluva lot of science fiction to watch on the supposedly Science Fiction Channel. And I haven't been a visitor to their website since they killed the online SF story site Sci Fiction.

They haven't shone a lot of love to the science fiction community in years. I think they should seriously rethink this decision and go with their heart. Trash TV, The Crude Channel, The Giant Snake and Wrestling Channel -- take your pick.

But Syfy? That's a load of crap.

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