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March 32nd Report

Google Comes Through

Logging in this morning, it looks like so far nothing has happened with this Internet worm. Not that I wanted chaos created by bastards, mind you. But... If I find out it was all a ploy to get everyone to run Windows Update and install that stupid Windows Genuine Advantage program... Just sayin'.

But Google's Gmail had their annual contribution with Gmail Autopilot. Why bother responding to all that email when you can have Google do it for you?

And In Publishing News

Mrs. Dr. Phil found this announcement on the big publishing megamerger, "representing 63% of all scientific journals and consuming 99% of library budgets."

All yer eggs in one basket. What could possibly go wrong?

And For The Smart Young SF/F/H Set..

We have LocusOnline's Special Reports:

-- Greg Egan, Kelly Link Collaborate on Novel
-- Clarion Workshop Reality Show ***
-- Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Sets Off Publishing Mashup Frenzy
-- Department of Education To Retire the Semicolon
-- Audrey Niffenegger Subject of Congressional Hearings
-- Final Sturgeon Volume Shatters Myths

*** - I've been proposing this for years. (grin) I mean while I was at the 2004 Clarion workshop I commented that Clarion was like Survivor except no one ever got voted off. That if we did add the conflict and the backstabbing and the TV cameras, maybe we'd get people interested in SF/F short stories again. Nah.

Yeah, and I did reset the posting date even though it is 00:44 hours EDT on the second now.

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