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West Michigan Weather

We've had odd strings of nice and semi-days for a bit now, in between some cold, some rain and a lot of wind. Windy today, high in the 40s. Rain last night resulted in a few roads closed due to "ponding", which is unusual.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is going to be nice. Then Sunday, rain and snow.

Nothing like the rains in Alabama or the snows after the rains and floods in Fargo... except one of the computer models is throwing a connecting rod or something. Might have 10 to 20 inches of snow by Tuesday. No, really.

I've warned my students about this. They're always the last to hear about things like this and I hate it when they get caught coming back from home over the weekend, wreck their cars and then have to miss class.

May be nothing. We'll see.

Dr. Phil
Tags: weather, west michigan

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