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A Pleasant Day

Forecast Off Target

Friday I'd posted a warning of the potential for heavy wet snow here in West Michigan by Monday or Tuesday.

But Monday morning there wasn't anything up by us in Allendale -- or if there was it was all gone by 8am. The first hint of snow I saw on the road, besides a few cars and trucks with some thick wet slush on them, was a dusting of snow on the windshields at the Ford dealer at Wayland, more than halfway to Kalamazoo. The storm had left 7-10" of snow off along the I-94 corridor and in southeastern Michigan, not West Michigan -- no, correct that to 4-6" of snow. I guess the weather people were still getting too excited with their models.

Near the WMU campus was pretty white flocking on everything, but nothing much to drive or walk on.

The drive home was in big bright sunshine and mostly blue sky. Still cold, but awfully pleasant.

Sinus Update

So last Tuesday my doctor sent me off to Spectrum's South Pavilion to get my head examined. Actually, he wanted a CT scan of my sinuses before he tried anything else to end my problems. I've been feeling better, but was still taking Mucinex and Sudafed PE and was still too dry and peeing all the time from all the damned water I had to keep drinking.

GE Lightspeed CT Scanner was able to accommodate both my fat head and support my fat bulk. Or at least it didn't have to try to stuff the rest of me into that hole. (grin)

Looks like I'll be taking some generic Flonase for a while. Three years ago I got steroids to clear up some sinuses after a sinus infection. Hopefully this will do the trick.

Rays Of Hope

Actually, I do feel better this past week. I think we may've beaten back the sinus infection and now have to deal with the residual irritated sinuses and get back to normal breathing. And certainly get rid of the dry mouth drugs! (grin)

Dr. Phil
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