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Another WOTF XXIV Review


From fellow WOTF XXIV'er j_cheney, Associated Content includes short reviews of all the stories in the WOTF Volume XXIV anthology. The reviewer has been following the series for some ten years and seems to really like this volume's stories.

Of course, my favorite part is:
A Man in the Moon by Dr. Phillip Edward Kaldon
This is one of my favorites. Technically not a winner (he is the only published finalist in this volume) but the world-building is superbly detailed and authentic. The story, which centers around the characters involved in the colonization of the moon, is heart-warming, interesting, and hopeful. A well told tale, all around.

...but I'm not so vain as to sit around and preen at my own good reviews. (sm*rk)

WOTF XXIV is apparently shipping, and is appearing for real in fine bookstores nationwide, and is also available at the usual online suspects.

Dr. Phil
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