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It's Official

I am now a paid science fiction writer. The check from CascadiaCon came yesterday, in payment for my short story "The Pulse of the Sea," which appears in the 2005 NASFiC CascadiaCon anthology Northwest Passages. Now here's hoping that it clears... (grin)


It turns out that at least one other graduate of a Clarion workshop is in the anthology: Suzanne Church (canadiansuzanne) attended the 2005 Clarion South workshop in Brisbane Australia, and her story "Free Range" is included. She even got to Seattle and the con and the reading at the anthology launch party -- how cool is that?

A Tough Morning

Today got off to a strange start. It's cool, it's raining, and at around 7:30am, while we were lounging downstairs with the kitties before dragging our own butts upstairs and shipping out of the house, the power went out. A few minutes later we heard the neighbor's generator go on, which told us it was a real power outage and not anything we could do anything about. It's a real pain because (a) we live in the country and the well pump is on 220VAC -- that means we only get a few flushes before no more water -- and (b) the manual release for the garage door is a major pain. So major that in climbing up on a ladder to figure out what the hell was going on, I realized that the "carrier" connecting the door to the chain was slightly elevated after all the tugging on the cord, and if I just lifted it up, voila! and she is free.

What's worse is I think I came to the conclusion that doing it by hand from above was the way to do it the last time we had to do this.

The Quiet Earth

As usual, standing in my basement with only some murk coming in the windows, I am always struck by how "useless" all our technology is without power. This is no great revelation for all those displaced by Katrina, or those flooded by the glacially slow moving Hurricane Ophelia, but by all standards it was a very modest gentle rain this morning, and yet we can still lose our power. No clue as to what happened yet -- and of course we don't yet know that it is restored, though the automated response system from Consumers Energy suggested by 9:30am.

Dr. Phil

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