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Home Is Where The Hearth Is

End Of Day One

The 2009 Great Heating and Cooling Project began with bangs and clatters and a furnacectomy. It ends with nary a sound, as the new furnace is installed and working. New blower fan appears to have more oomph but the whole unit is whisper quiet. Not sure we'll know when it's running. (grin) Reminds me of a comment I heard once that said that Americans would never buy Japanese vacuum cleaners -- or at least those models destined for the domestic Japanese market -- because Americans want suck they can HEAR and the Japanese want unobtrusive suck. Mrs. Dr. Phil has commented she'd really like to try the latter. I've been known to vacuum wearing a pair of 35 dB shooting muffs.

The warm glow of the home fires...

Dr. Phil
Tags: allendale, house, upgrades

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