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Another Who Is Unclear On The Process

Arrive At Office, Voicemail Light Is On

Dial voicemail, then access code. First message.

The first (and only message) is from someone who mumbles their first name. Then gives their phone number. "I don't have access to the Internet. But I need the phone number of the real Dr. Phil."

Okay, let's remind you here, Sparky. I AM a real Dr. Phil.

Now, I will concede that there are other Dr. Phils out there, and one other Dr. Phil in particular of whom I believe you are speaking. But there is not a Dr. Phil Club where we have super sekrit meetings and trade phone numbers. I certainly don't have TV Phil's phone number, and anyway, it isn't my business to enable you to contact so-called entertainment/psychology shows.

What is strange is that you claim you don't have access to the Internet. Then how did you get my office phone number at Western Michigan University? I checked -- and area code 306, the one given in the voice mail, is in Saskatchewan CANADA. WTF?

No, really.

What you really need to do is go to your public library and get some help from a reference librarian. At the very least, they'll be able to pull up the Dr. Phil Show FAQ page and discover they don't have a direct phone line to Dr. Phil either.

I swear, someone must be making money given people my office contact information and swearing that I can get them in touch with "the real Dr. Phil".


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