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Here's Something You Wouldn't Expect To Read

Sounds Like A Science Fiction Plot

Twelve years ago a man gets a heart transplant. Two years ago he goes and visits the donor. She passed away last year.

Brr-up!!!! (Skips track)

Uh, say what? Run that math by me again?

But It's True

Richard DeVos, 83, was interviewed in The Grand Rapids Press yesterday. The multi-billionaire is one of the two founders of Amway, celebrating its fiftieth birthday and hence the article.

The donor, a woman in England, received a heart-lung transplant. Presumably she needed lungs, her heart was okay, and DeVos had the money to fly to England and make the transplant happen.

Huh. Neat in a weird way.

Just thought you'd be interested.

Dr. Phil
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