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A New Post Office

Don't Make Fun Of My Post Office

It all started off as just a comment on my Facebook page.
Philip Edward Kaldon
They were putting up the word "United" on the building that will become the new Allendale post office this morning.
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Mrs. Dr. Phil at 6:18pm May 21
cool! I thought I saw something PO-box-like through the windows the other day!

Friend at 7:30pm May 21
i take it y'all are excited to be getting a post office... is that right? so you can stand in line and pay ever increasing amounts for stamps?

Another Friend at 10:30pm May 21

Philip Edward Kaldon at 11:09pm May 21
We have a Post Office, but it is very small and the parking lot is physically dangerous. Right now Allendale Township is split over seven different zip codes and post offices. The hope is eventually the township could be unified.

Mrs. Dr. Phil at 11:30pm May 21
Neither of us has actually ever set foot, in 17 years, in the post office that is actually associated with our zip code... it's in the boonies somewhere the other direction from which we have any reason to travel most days.

It's not that we didn't have a post office, it was just small and at times difficult and even dangerous to access. And idiots would drive the wrong way into the tiny lot. And it was on a busy intersection, etc.

Coming Soon

The new post office is in the shopping center built just the other year for the Family Fare grocery store. Parking. Access from both M-45/Lake Michigan Drive and 64th Avenue. Central location. There's a lot to recommend about it.

Alas, I suspect based on some other newfangled post offices I've seen that there'll be a few issues. That glassed-in lobby with the P.O. boxes? I'm betting it'll get hot and stifling in the summertime. And I'm not sure they're going to move the old P.O. boxes. There's something about the old brass-and-glass box doors that I've always liked.

Progress. Like entropy, you can't deny it and you can't fight it. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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