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Yet Another Nice Review

Tangle Girls Reviewed

Emily at Rainbow Reviews not only discusses Tangle Girls, but figures my story "Under Suspicion" is the second best of the lot. Not bad...

"Under Suspicion" by Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon takes us to the 25th century where Ensign Lily Branoch is in charge of a cargo-hold on the medium-attack cruiser Mastodon and encounters Marine lieutenant Daniella Cruz-Ortega. Lily can't take her eyes off Danielle from the moment she first sees the woman, but when there is a possible smuggling scheme afoot and Lily begins to investigate, she is shocked to discover that Daniella may be a part of it. This is the first sci-fi story in the anthology and it is wonderfully written with a fast pace and great characters. There is quite a bit of witty banter between the women and the story drives quickly to the end. There is a lot of detail provided to flesh out the futuristic world but it is never overwhelming or a burden. Overall this is a story of intense attraction with a bit of mystery mixed in making for a great read!

What a lovely review. Not that I spend any time reading my reviews. Acclaim? Glory? An author craves not these things. Master Storyteller Yoda taught me that. (grin)

Overall, the anthology gets 3.5 stars in the review, while "Under Suspicion" rates 4.5 stars.

Tangle Girls is available from Blind Eye Books and

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