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Updating Mail and Gas

The New Post Office

Following the post on the coming new Allendale post office, I received the following letter in our Allendale P.O. Box:



On Monday, June 29, 2009, the Allendale Post Office will be relocated to 6370 Lake Michigan Drive, Ste. 800. The new facility is located at the West end of the new Family Fare complex. Your mail will be transferred to the new facility into the new PO Boxes. Your PO Box number should remain the same. However, some of the PO Box sizes may change due to the renovation of the older style combination PO Boxes. Also, all of the new PO boxes will be lock type boxes and will require new keys. There will be a key deposit of $1.00 per key for up to two keys for each box. If you would like extra keys the fee is $6.00 per key for each additional key. If you currently have a lock type box at this facility, you will be allowed to exchange up to two keys for your new PO Box.

If information on your original PS form 1093 (Application for Post Office Box) is outdated, you will be required to update the card. If your physical address or telephone number has changed you are required to notify us with the new information. If additional people are receiving mail in your PO Box, they are required to provide valid identification to receive their mail. After the relocation, please come to the service counter with valid identification to verify your current physical address and phone number and to obtain your new keys.

Sincerely, Jane Stewart, Postmaster

Bottom line, it'll cost us two bucks to get our new P.O. Box for the key deposits. And Yet Another Key To Carry. Plus we don't yet know whether the new box with our number is the right size box. Uh, can't they figure that out ahead of time? Or do they not know what boxes they have in the two locations? (grin)

I really don't want to have to do an address change on my P.O. Box -- the one I use for all those writing submissions which take months or years to come back. Either I worry too much or I've gotten through my first half century by anticipating problems.

Memorial Day Gas Pains

My previous comments on Memorial Day gas prices need some updating. Going into the holiday weekend, all the local gas stations were $2.49.9/gal. On Sunday the price dropped to $2.41.9/gal, just in time for Memorial Day (Observed). Cynical much? Oh, read on. Then there was yesterday -- Tuesday 26 May 2009. By the time I was coming home, the five local gas stations were either $2.69.9/gal or $2.59.9/gal. Excuse me? 28 cents in twenty-four hours? What happened to the world oil market overnight?

Or are they just slipping in the price hikes before we get to the next eight cent drop just before the Fourth of July? (sly grin)

Dr. Phil
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