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GMail Hacking

There's some sort of bastard viro-trojan-stupid e-mail going around that manages to send a message from your Gmail account to your entire contact list -- and then deletes the contact list.

(1) If you use Gmail, go and export your Contact list so you have a backup.

Click on Contacts on the left side of the Gmail screen, select All Contacts, then there's an Export tab at the top right of the contacts.

(2) I was able to save someone, because the spam e-mail (which talks about this great electronics site in order to get you to click on the link) had their entire contact list in the Send list. I just copied it, pasted it into a Wordpad file, then e-mailed it back.

(3) Sons of bitches bastards assholes! I HATE freaks who think they have a right to fuck with anyone else's machine and data and livelihood.

Thank you for your time and you're welcome.

Dr. Phil

UPDATE: It's 14:23 EDT and I'm giving my Physics class Exam 2 -- can't connect to Gmail or Google right now.
UPDATE: Problem eventually resolved itself. Coincidence? Or Conspiracy? You be the judge! (grin)
Tags: bastards, computers, internet

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