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A Game of Numbers

Florida State - 37
Ohio State - 6

I meant to write this a few days ago, but just haven't had the time. The score above, however, tells the whole story. Well, you think it does. Until you find out that (a) the score is from 31 May 2009 and (b) the game was NCAA Division I Baseball.

Yup. That's a baseball score.

Ouch! I take it the Buckeyes were getting creamed 32-0 by the fifth inning. But, barring weather or other interruptions, a baseball game is 9 innings. So as usual, sometimes you have to play the game.

(1) Texas - 3
Boston College - 2

The day before, Saturday 30 May 2009, #1 seeded Texas managed to win by a run. Yup -- you gotta play the game. And a baseball game is 9 innings. Except of course when it goes 25 innings.

"There's no tying in baseball!"

And there's no time limit.

What a lovely, perfect game. (grin)

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