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D-Day Redux

Saturday the Sixth of June Two-Thousand-and-Nine

65 years ago the world changed. It changed not because an election was held on that day or because someone invented some new technology or created some great work of art. No, the world changed because the force of will of the Allies drove men onto the beaches of Normandy, ultimately breaking the back of Hitler's evil dreams and desires, because the dreams and desires of free men and women was stronger and worth fighting and dying for.

Thought One

An article from a November 1960 Atlantic Monthly article on the real Omaha Beach.

Thought Two

An essay from a friend of mine on today's observances in Normandy.

Though Three

Google is taking some heat for using their Google logo art on 6-6-2009 to commemorate the anniversary of Tetris and not the 65th anniversary of D-Day. If Google did nothing or did a change for the Tetris anniversary, then that's different than if the U.S. government "forgot" about honoring D-Day. And I'm not sure a cutesy cartoon graphic is what the complainers want anyways.

There's perspective, and then there's perspective.

Dr. Phil
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