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A Simple Fourth Of July


Weather's been cool all week -- highs in the 60s and 70s. Today the gray clouds scattered for a while and the sun shot us up to 81degF, but the clouds came back. Decided to skip the Allendale fireworks.

Gas dropped down to $2.48.9 over the last couple of weeks, then shot up 21 cents a gallon about Wednesday and dropped about a nickel to $2.63.9/gal by Friday. What crisis could make the prices jump up so fast? Oh, it's Dr. Phil's New Theory of Holiday Gouging -- big jump followed by a small drop for the weekend to make you think that They Care. What, me cynical? (grin)

Went out in the middle of the day to see a movie, eat some popcorn. I-96 construction over the Grand River is done, opening up the lanes, no problems with the drive. Then came home and did the old family BBQ bologna recipe. Still having strawberries around here, so strawberry shortcake with whipped cream and topped with a couple of frozen blueberries from last year -- red, white & blue!

My late night July TV viewing is set -- the 96th Tour de France began today. Everyone is talking about the unretirement of Brett Favre, er, Lance Armstrong, who looked very strong today in Monaco. Versus channel on cable has developed a decent Tour broadcast team, they have excellent video feeds and take the time to explain what is going on.

And now the various mouth breathing morons who live anywhere near us are firing their illegal-in-the-State-of-Michigan big booming and high flying fireworks. Of course, they started testing them about three or four nights ago.

Ah, Happy Fourth of July... hope you enjoyed yours.

Dr. Phil
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