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Just Received My Author's Copy Of The Anthology

Cris DiMarco, editor of Northwest Passages, writes of selecting twenty-five stories from over nine hundred submissions, covering a range from fantasy to hard science fiction:

With those stories at either end of the spectrum, so to speak, I looked for work to flow between the myth and the science. Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon's lovely "The Pulse of the Sea," ... are examples of these "bridge" stories whose ideas incorporate both science and uniquely human experiences such as faith, hope and loss.

Gee, that sounds nice. (grin) I can get used to see my words showing up printed on bound pages...

To All Ap-pear-ances

I believe I mentioned the other day that pear season had arrived, just before we start getting serious about the fall apples in Michigan -- and that I don't like shopping for pears, because I am too often disappointed.

Well, it turns out I can have pears without having to shop for them. My father-in-law appearantly (sic) wanted to send a belated birthday present, so ordered one of the Harry & David gift stacks which arrived safely on Friday. It included two pair of pears (grin) well protected in their foam-lined packaging. Harry & David is one of those institutions which I have a love-hate relationship with. Fanatical devotion to quality means you get great, but no doubt overpriced, fruit from the Pacific Northwest -- which growing up in the Niagara Fruit Belt in Western New York State and now living along the similar moraines of the Fruit Ridges of Michigan means that they are "from the enemy". ("pear" of grins) Actually, I noted that the box was pre-printed with a note saying the apples were from Washington state and the pears from Oregon -- except a sticker overlaid informed that the apples were from New Zealand. Don't you just love the global marketplace? Probably reasonable giving the order/shipping date just before the prime Washington state apples have arrived -- thank goodness!

Anyway... I just had one of the pears with my lunch and it was bloody wonderful -- everything one wanted in a pear, without a bitter aftertaste from the skin. (sigh) (yum-mmm)

Dr. Phil

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