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What's Going On?

Yesterday on my drive down to K-zoo for Office Hours, I noticed that gasoline, which had gotten down to $2.24.9/gal, had in just a few hours jumped up to $2.45.9/gal. Clearly the 21-cent rise, about ten percent, is attributable to... um... Can't easily even come up with a good holiday -- next one I know of is August 1st, Swiss Independence Day. Someone celebrating Alberto Contador's current yellow jersey in Le Tour de France? I have no idea. We'll see later if it went up further today.

You Can Make A Sandwich From Anything

Sunday, when we went out to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, we had first intended to do dinner afterwards at a Thai place in Jennison. But their website said they were closed on Sunday. So then we figured that we could stop in downtown and hit up San Chez, our favorite tapas place. Might even have ordered off the menu, since with only two people you can't have as many fun tapas dishes to sample. (grin)

Instead Mrs. Dr. Phil suggested we drive down Monroe Center in downtown Grand Rapids and see if we could find XO Asian Cuisine, which we'd been meaning to try. We found it, thought it was closed until we saw a man in a cowboy hat inside, so we went there instead. What a fine choice!

We ordered the golden calamari appetizer, I had the half-roasted duck special, Mrs. Dr. Phil had an Indonesian spiced eggplant dish with pork, and we added an order of Thai basil fried rice with chicken, shrimp and something else… Lovely, lovely stuff! NO bones in the duck – fabulous. The calamari was really unique, as it was cut in long strips and not rings, battered, lightly fried and served with a sauce. While it had some texture, it was not chewy. This is the fourth kind of calamari we've had in the last two weeks or so, and each one has been different from the last and all have been good. Mmm...

What does any of this have to do with sandwiches? Well last night we finished the leftovers, except for a couple of pieces of the duck and the pork. And I put those in a sandwich with some cheese, pickles, a bit of ketchup and had quite a wonderful sandwich. Yeah, Dagwood's got nothin' on me, except I don't built things too high to eat. (grin)

Unable To Make Up Its Mind

The weather this afternoon. Not too hot, not even 80°F, but muggy in the early afternoon. When I came down to the Kitty Room later, it was sunshine and towering white clouds. Thunder rumbled around for over an hour before the rains finally came. It's still rumbling a bit in the distance, though right now one of the cats is snoring/grumbling in his sleep louder than the thunder, and the skies are heavily clouded with some weak sunshine peeking around. Lots of bird noises twittering in the trees.

I suppose I'll have to wander out and get bananas, come home and bring in the garbage can and recycling bin from the road. Life trudges on.

Dr. Phil
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