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Dry Spell

While it is true that it hasn't rained much here, and while the weather continues to be pretty moderate with a high today around 76°F so far, I actually wasn't talking about that. It's been about a month since I last got word of any of my stories out there in the world.

Dry Spell Broken, Alas

Today I went by the P.O. Box and found a very nice rejection from Stanley Schmidt at Analog. When I got home there was an e-mail rejection from the Destination: Future anthology. And as I was poking around, I checked the Aeon Award site and found the Q2 Short List had been posted and my story was not included.

Ah well, three results, three No's. That's okay, I can submit again to two of the three. (grin)

Also was about to query a submission that had been sitting around for a while, but when I checked their website they had a nice apology stating that they were feeling better and hoped to get back into the slush again. I can live with that. (double-edged-grin)

C'est la vie. (La Vie!) (hee-hee)

Dr. Phil
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