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Link To An Awesome Post

jimhines Jim C. Hines posted a link to an entry from peri_peteia about the two Uhurus of Original Star Trek and the new Star Trek movie.

I love this essay, and I am thrilled to see that it has garnered 7 screens of really thoughtful comments.

When I wrote my review of Star Trek, I deliberately kept it short and didn't want to provide any spoilers, though lots of rumors and comments quickly spilled all over the Internet. So it's been out long enough that I can talk about the new Spock and Uhuru.

At first blush, having the two be an item -- and Uhuru telling Jim Kirk to stop being such a boy and grow up -- seemed a brilliant re-imagineering. And yet, even as I watched the movie twice, I had this nagging feeling that Uhuru, portrayed as being a rather brilliant communications cadet, might be pigeonholed as sleeping her way to success. And I don't think that was the point, or at least I'd be really disappointed if it was. Instead, I think that Uhuru was a totally competent and confident young woman, who managed to trade attractions with a brilliant, but enigmatic half-Vulcan instructor.

Not good military form to sleep with your instructor/supervisor. But when has Star Trek ever worried about good military form? I mean in this movie alone, it doesn't occur to anyone that on a ship the size of the Enterprise that there might be another officer aboard -- or dozens -- in the chain of command below Captain and First Officer who would be considered for command long before Mister Brash Young Thing.

Anyway, you should read the piece linked above. I found it brilliant and enlightening, and glad that I was linked to it by Jim.

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