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The Numbers, They Are All Wrong

Happy Swiss Independence Day!

August dawns with a pleasant enough breezy day, but overcast. Temp got up to 79°F, but then it rained and by late afternoon it was down to 68°F. Dog days of summer -- if you're a Newfoundland.

So Therefore...

Thursday gas was at $2.44.9/gal. Friday it was $2.59.9/gal. Fifteen cents? Except, of course, for the oddball Admiral gas station which went down to $2.40.9/gal. Today, everyone was the higher price.

Yeah. It's that hot summer weekend weather -- gotta gouge the vacationers and weekenders.

Damned Entropy

Thursday night I woke up and found myself looking at the clock at 3:47am when the power went out -- for about two seconds. Now I suspect the power might've cycled more than once, because otherwise why was I staring at the clock at 3:47am? In the morning we found the HP PSC-2355 All-in-One printer/scanner/copier was stuck in its bootup process. Turning the power off and on, and later letting it sit off for 24 hours, and it still got stuck in the same place in its boot cycle.


We like having a little copier in the house. We actually use it everyday to magnify and make two copies of the Sudoku puzzle in the newspaper so we can both do it -- and then I use the used sheets to make writing notes and checklists.


Might have to buy a new one. Maybe get one with wireless. Ooh, go shopping for a new printer/copier? Ooh, look at the shiny toys! Shiny!

OAS Project

Due Date: Thursday 20 August 2009

Dr. Phil
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