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One Year Ago

08.08.08 -- 8 August 2008 -- this was the start of the Beijing Olympics. Thank goodness this isn't an Olympic year. I don't have time to sit and watch Olympics 24-7 this year. (grin)

And This Year Summer Arrived Today

Cold and rainy all morning. Still only 64°F at noon. But while the sun didn't really come out, the heat of the day turned all the wet into mug. While it peaked in the 80s, it was still 74°F after midnight with more thunderstorms. We're expecting 90s, the first in a long time, for Sunday and Monday.

On The Other Hand

The first of the West Michigan peaches have arrived. Friday I bought some Flaming Furies. They smell and taste wonderful, and totally look like lovely peaches, though they aren't freestones. Our beloved Red Havens are coming -- Potter's Farms says they are coming along quite well. We also bought some tomatoes. They're actually from Northern Indiana, the first "foreign" tomatoes the Potter's have had to buy in a long time. But the local tomatoes, while plentiful and good looking, are still green. Perhaps the 90s will fix that last problem. (grin)

And an early report says that Michigan should expect a bumper apple crop this year. That's nice, but let us enjoy weeks and weeks of peaches first.

Oh, and today was the start of tomato sandwich season. Mmmm...

OAS Project

Due Date: Thursday 20 August 2009

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