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It's So Peaceful

Ah, the little darlings are taking their first exam of the semester. So industrious and busy... Too bad many of them will make this first exam harder than it really is. (grin) But what do you expect from Dr. Phil's Physics Courses?

Things You Don't See Everyday

So there I was driving along, minding my own business (a common complaint in my household), when I was turning up the hill to get to the Rood/Everett Hall parking lot, when I noticed the car coming the other way about to make a left turn -- had flames shooting out from underneath.

I'm not kidding. Something appeared to be hanging from under the engine or transmission and bright orange flames were shooting out of it.

I didn't even have time to react -- blow the horn, wave, flash my headlights. He had his stereo up pretty loud, I'm not sure he'd hear me. Maybe it was a special effect, but somehow I doubt that..

Why Are They Honking At Us?

Every now and then as my wife and I are driving around or on a long road trip, someone will honk as they drive past. Our standard joke is that, since we probably don't know them and we couldn't possibly be doing anything wrong, that there must be flames shooting out from underneath the car.

Then one early spring thaw Sunday when we were still up in Houghton MI, we saw this sedan which had flames shooting violently out from underneath the car. I mean if the driver stopped and opened his door, he would've scorched his socks. We made a U-turn and tried to alert the driver. But it was a car full of senior citizens going to/from church and I think they thought we were thieves or something and kept speeding up -- making the flames bigger. I finally gave up and turned around. This is in the days before cellphones, but after pay phones began to disappear.

We always hoped they got home alright.

Kelly Link may believe in having Zombie Contingency Plans, but I am more likely to worry about flames shooting out from underneath the car.

I've seen it happen. Twice.

Dr .Phil

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