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Monday's Power Outage

Continuing to talk about today's power outage, about 3:15pm I drove into Allendale. Was surprised to see the traffic lights dark at 68th and Lake Michigan Drive/M-45. The Family Fare grocery store and the post office had power, but it's a brand new shopping center and I don't know if they have a generator. The Family Fare gas station out front was dark. In the west side of Allendale, only the Mobil gas station had power amongst gas stations. East of there and over by GVSU, the power was on. Haven't heard what caused the problems and I saw no crews working, except for one AT&T telephone truck.

Funny how it makes me feel better, to know the power outage is widespread. I mean, Consumers Energy has always done a good job out in Allendale with restoring power, but you always wonder out in the country if it's "just you" and whether they know about it or when they'll get around to fixing it. Yet another reason why having the automatic generator is a relief.

The power at our house went out at 11:28am and the generator came on in five seconds. The DSL modem, router and Wi-Fi boxes are all on a UPS and never went down. While I was downstairs copying the daily Sudoku puzzle, I heard a thunk and thought maybe the heat pump compressor was starting hard. But when I was back upstairs I heard the generator shut down outside at 6:19pm, so what I heard was the transfer switch slamming over as we switched back to utility power and the start of the generator's cool down. About 6¾ hours.

Some of the neighbors' generators were still running up to an hour later -- but those units aren't automatic.

Mrs. Dr. Phil was able to reach behind the wooden cube with the TV on it and pull the TV plug from one of the bottom 3 outlets on the APC UPS powerstrip and plug it into one of the surge protected only upper 3 outlets. The next time the power goes out the TV should just go out, then come back on -- not ping-pong up and down, what with the bad battery in the UPS. Yeah, yeah, I should replace the UPS. It's hard to get to, okay? (grin)

All in all, this wasn't a great tragedy for us and I'm not trying to complain here -- or gloat. Just talkin'. Meanwhile, I got a lot of editing done today, so I'm happy about that.

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