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A Cold Day In...

Stares At Calendar Again

High today in Allendale was maybe 65°F. Lows in the next few days will be in the 40s. Cold and rainy all day. I was just looking at the latest Northwestern Magazine -- the alumni mag from NU -- and noted to Mrs. Dr. Phil that (a) 2010 will be my 30th Reunion, which means (b) 2009 would've been her 30th Reunion. But she doesn't like the way her college does reunions right now. They used to be held at graduation in June -- having it in October makes no sense at a school where football was not important.

On the other hand, NU reunions in October are wonderful -- fall in Evanston is wonderful. Of course the picture in the alumni mag showed fall foliage with a backdrop of brilliant blue sky. Given today's weather, Mrs. Dr. Phil brought up the rain. But it didn't deter me. Cold fall rain in Evanston is perfect, too. (grin)

Kind of like... today. (Goes back to contemplating the calendar.) The end of August calendar. Not October.

More On Charles N. Brown

Back on 13 July 2009 I reported on the legendary editor-publisher of Locus magazine. Today I got the September issue, which includes several pages of reminisces by many SF people about Charles.

Also cover interview with Larry Niven and extensive coverage of this year's Hugos. As if you didn't have enough reasons to go to LocusOnline and get your own subscription to Locus.

(Goes back to contemplating calendar.) Locus almost always comes on the first, but it's the 29th. Of August. Not September.

Whatever The Weather Is Doing, It's Not All Bad

My mother used to comment that when they were at the University of Illinois, that the farm reports typically said the weather was "good for the corn" no matter what the weather was doing.

Well, this year had produced some damned fine Red Haven peaches. Red Havens are already the best eating peaches ev-ah, but the ones we bought today continued to be beautiful and lovely. Sigh.

(Goes back to contemplating calendar.) It's still summer? I can has Red Haven peaches? (double-grin)

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