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Celebrating Labor Day

An Odd Holiday

For most people in the U.S., Labor Day is the last major holiday before we get to The Holidays of Thanksgiving-Christmas-Hanukah-New-Year's. The last of the Triumvirate of Summer Picnic Holidays of Memorial-Day-Fourth-Of-July-Labor-Day. In Michigan, public schools don't open now until after Labor Day, in order to help out with the state's large tourism & travel industry.

Oh, and some people take the day to recognize the American worker -- with or without organization -- while some just take the day to relax. Some people, though, grumble on that it wastes time and money, especially from business owners, or is a Godless Communist holiday.

There's even some small colleges which hold class on Labor Day because having a three-day weekend so early in the Fall semester is hell on Freshmen retention. Students go home, say that college is too hard and just never come back.


In my opinion, it's a good time to take a break. Summer is waning and our school systems are mostly predicated on academic calendars which start in the fall. Funny that part of my day is being spent working on materials for my class tomorrow -- a part-time worker who has no representation. (grin)

An Exceptional Meal

After such a great restaurant meal yesterday, we also plotted out a proper Labor Day meal. One traditional would have a cookout with grilled hot dogs in buns, corn on the cob, baked beans, potato salad, maybe a fruit pie.

Except we had bratwurst instead of hot dogs.
Except they were Allendale Meat Market, not Johnsonville.
Except we skipped the buns -- and the baked beans.
Except we boiled the fresh brats before browning them on the oven.
Except it was fresh baked blueberry crisp.
Except it was missing the lemon juice.

It was wonderful. The brats were flavorful and had a light, thin casing. We haven't had much (any?) corn on the cob this year -- local corn was late in coming -- and this was lovely and sweet. Some of the best sweet corn we've had in years. Yeah, it was a little container of commercial potato salad. I haven't made my mother's recipe this year at all. We just don't need that much potato salad. (sad-grin) And the blueberry crisp? Oh, perfect, perfect, perfect.

And yeah, it'll hold me until Thanksgiving turkey. (gobble-gobble-grin)

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