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Never Too Late For A Review

Diabolical Plots Reviews WOTF Volume XXIV

Writers of the Future Volume XXV may have just come out, but that doesn't stop anyone from buying, reading and even reviewing Volume XXIV -- especially as it was so late getting wide distribution anyways. (grin)

Frank Dutkiewicz reviews all 13 stories in WOTF Volume XXIV:
A Man in the Moon by Dr Philip Edward Kaldon.

This is the baker’s dozen of the anthology. It didn’t place in the competition but the judges liked it enough to fill out the book.

Gene Fisher-Hall is a terminally ill astronaut who wants to hold onto his job and wishes to spend the rest of days on the moon. He uses loopholes in the regulations, the press, and his folksy down-home charm to get his way.

I found this to be not much more than a story of a workaholic that doesn’t want to hang it up, set in space. I did enjoy a scene where Gene needs to overcome his arthritic-like disease to avoid a disaster. A Man in the Moon is easy to fall into but it went on way too long. Halfway through I started to wonder if it had an ending.

Grade: B minus

"I have read about a dozen of the twenty-five additions of The Writer’s of the Future Contest. In past anthologies I would find about three stories outstanding (A quality) but an equal number difficult to finish (D quality), with the rest in that B, C range. This addition I found the most satisfying one of the bunch."

For the record, Dr. Phil found the grades for Volume XXIV, none lower than a C, to be:
A+  1
A   1
A-  3
B+  1
B   1
B-  2
C+  1
C   3

Reviews are subjective, of course, but with an "average GPA" of 3.03 = B, it's nice to see an overall positive review for "our" antho. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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