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Andromeda Spaceways' Error -- You Might Benefit


Dear Andromeda Spaceways,

On 18 September 2009 I received not one, but two copies of ASIM #40. Now I received more than one copy of issues #38 and #39 because I had stories in those issues, so I received my subscription copies as well my contributor copies. But I do not have a story in issue #40.

If you are willing, I would take the extra copy of ASIM #40 and give it away to a good home via my LiveJournal blog -- . Perhaps we can get someone else to subscribe -- I've certainly been pushing ASIM the last few months.

Thank you!

Dr. Phil

And Fixed

Hey Dr. Phil,
Thanks for that. All fixed up now. Very happy for you to pass on your extra copies and drum up any business you can for us.

kind regards,


A Free Copy of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine

So I have this extra copy of ASIM -- Australia's premier Science Fiction magazine -- and I'd like to give this Issue #40 to a good home. As I've mentioned before, anyone can subscribe to Andromeda Spaceways, either in print or as PDFs. I'm very fond of ASIM -- and I was fond of them long before they published two of my stories. (grin)

The Giveaway Rules

So the same people don't win all the time, I'm going to annoy my closest friends and request that this giveaway is NOT open to my extended SF/F family. That'd be (1) my actual family, (2) 2004 Clarion attendees, (3) WOTF XXIV winners, and (4) fellow members of the nefarious UCF. Also, (5) people who already get ASIM -- after all, the goal is to get a copy to someone who hasn't had a chance to get this Australian SF magazine before.

First person who requests in the comments in this posting and isn't a member of (1) to (5) above -- it's yours. Don't put your snail mail address in the posting -- no point in making it easy for the Nigerian Ministry of Oil people -- I'll let you know how to get an address to me. (grin)

And Yes...

... I do have a pile of books I promised in an earlier giveaway -- I haven't forgotten you. Really! I have all the mailers and just have to go back and find the emails and print the address labels.

Someday I have to remember I don't have a shipping department who does this stuff for me.

Dr. Phil
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