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Not Believing Microsoft's Calendar

The First Day Has Come And Mostly Gone

Microsoft Windows 7 Release Day. Oh boy. Oh thrill. I even forgot it was October 22nd, except they did a segment about Win7 on WOOD-AM radio and a couple of people I follow online were installing it today. (And like everything else which falls off the truck early, I guess there were a few machines out with Win7 back on the 13th.) Everyone seems to want to know if it's faster than Vista. Who cares? It needs to be faster than XP Pro, doesn't it?

But the best thing is the new Mac Ad: "Broken Promises" shows a litany of promises that Windows N will not have any of the problems of Windows N-1. Going all the way back to Windows 2. (hee-hee)

The End Of Life As We Know It

Of course Redmond still wants to stop updating Windows XP the end of December. Which is just two months and change away. I'm so sorry Microsoft, but if there are problems with Windows 7, you'll still be giving out customer service ticket numbers two months from now -- way short of Windows 7 Service Pack 1, and certainly far from Win7 SP2, which is pretty much the gold standard for some people's idea of stable upgrades.

I don't see that they can convince the multitude of XP users to upgrade to 7 in two months. And Lord knows that no one in their right mind who has put it off this long is going to choose to do an interim upgrade to Vista.

And what's this crap about ending XP updates anyway -- you've still been selling Windows XP Home netbooks all summer. And now they have to upgrade? On low powered, low memory machines? Remember when I said that Win7 has to be faster than XP, not faster than Vista? And not on top of the line machines, either.

Another Shot In The Foot

Oh and what's this? There's no direct upgrade path from XP to 7? My motivation for doing a cold install of an OS and complete reinstall of all my software for an OS I don't know will work properly is... what? Vanity? Hubris? Stupidity? On Microsoft's part?

Because all MS has been touting 7 for is... children touting Win7. And that's not a sales pitch or a crushing inspiration for the rest of us.

This is developing into a clusterfuck epic fail -- and I don't even know whether Win7 does work or doesn't. It might. But Microsoft's Convert Or Die policy, based on a history of upgrades which didn't go well, is absurd.

Dr. Phil

PS - Remember, Microsoft, I own and use computers to do work, to run application software -- not to run Windows. Or any OS. I need to have one, but it's not the bottom line unless it insists on making it the end of the line.
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