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Strange Days In West Michigan

Windows Open, Heat Off

Yup. It was nearly 70°F here in the countryside. During the middle of the night, around 4am, it was just about 32°F and the heavy cold fog made it nearly impossible to see past the back deck or the trees in the front yard. Been very hazy all day, but otherwise many bouts of bright and sunshiny weather -- and warm.

I think we had November in October and are having October in November. In other words, typical West Michigan.

Bad Politics

Meanwhile, the national health care debate has resulted in a compromised bill from the House that threatens Democratic support and a Senate whose Republican majority isn't interested in either playing the game or looking up from their playbook to see what the word compromise might possibly mean or do for their constituencies. Improvement if it actually passes and is signed? No doubt. Is it real national health care? Probably not.

Michigan managed to finally get a budget, albeit a month late, but even now there are problems with the money and school budgets are likely to implode. But that's nothing compared to the machinations that are just starting regarding the 2010 elections. See, term limits are going to attack the Michigan State House, Senate, Governor and Attorney General. So in a little over a year the state will be run by people who largely don't know how state government works. Joy. Oh, and Michigan will probably lose a Congressman in the 2010 Census. Can't wait. It's not like Michigan gets back a dollar of spending for every dollar paid in federal taxes. But that's not a problem, because it's not like Michigan's economy is in the dumps even compared to the national average. Oh wait... damn.

We Are Nowhere Close To Having The Best Health Care System In The World

Hard to work on choosing/adjusting health care plans for next year when the system you need to look at online needs a new PIN number -- and the phone number you have to call is only available M-F 9-5. So much for moving the work of choosing health care plans off of work time. And what's up with having to guess what your health is going to be for next year in order to "choose wisely"? Assuming, of course, you are eligible for any choices or even any heath care at all. Uh-huh, being inconvenienced is the good outcome in this problem.

In Short...

Yeah, the weather was pretty today.

Dr. Phil
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