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Read-And-Steak... Steakpunk?

WindyCon 36

WindyCon is this weekend -- Friday-Sunday 13-15 November 2009 -- at the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center at 70 Yorktown Center Lombard, IL 60148, west of Chicago. I hope to be there most of the weekend.

   Saturday 6:00pm

           Walnut:  Reading by P.E. Kaldon
          Dr. Phil will be reading from his current work, "Z.P.D. 
          (Zeppelin Police Department)", in honor of the Steampunk theme.
          Note: While not in the Detailed Schedule yet, it is in the Grid.  
          Afterwards I'll be heading to dinner at the marvelous Harry Caray's
          Steakhouse in the Westin -- I'm happy to have anyone join me,
          whether they come to the reading or not.  (grin)

    Sunday 12:00 Noon-1:00 p.m.

           Junior Ballroom B:  Alternative Technology
           What assumptions are made about steampunk technology?  What is 
           possible from a materials engineering standpoint and what breaks 
           the rules of physics?
           E. Hunt, P.E. Kaldon, H. Spencer, M.Z. Williamson

Saturday Dinner

At this moment, the only thing against my reading at 6pm -- and for the next two hours, 6-8pm -- is the Chicago 2012 WorldCon bid party. While that could be a lot of fun, my prime plan is to indulge in calamari and steak at Harry Caray's after my reading. (grin) And I'd be thrilled if anyone wants to join me. (Last year I dined alone. Then again I wasn't on the program. Didn't matter -- great meal.)

NOTE: A friend of mine checked and they can cook gluten-free and they seem to be able to handle other dietary issues. You can check ahead of time, the chef seemed very open and accommodating.

Now, if you excuse me, I have a short story to finish if I am going to read anything...


He held the knurled brass toggle tightly as he flicked the Baldwin-Packard’s headlights on and off –- once… twice… three times. No answer.

Augustin Ferryman hated midnight meetings, especially when the seller was late. All sorts of bad images flashed through his mind, including the possibility that the metropolitan police had been tipped off. Abruptly he flipped the headlights back on and turned the large steering wheel back and forth. In geared tandem, the large twin headlights swept across the empty lot. Nothing. No one. Good.

Noir. Police. Zeppelins. Steampunk.

I love it.

Dr. Phil
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