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A Day Of Running Errands

That's what Wednesday was supposed to be. I had quite a number of things planned out. But that was tossed in the rubbish bin when I got an email from Mrs. Dr. Phil before noon that the Grand Valley Family Clinic in downtown G.R. was going to have H1N1 vaccines, both shots and nasal mists, for employees, dependents and family. 3:30 to 6:30pm. Okay, so rather than run around, I could go down and get first in line. Then after lunch, I got a call from Mrs. Dr. Phil wondering if I could just pick her up after work and we'd both go down and see if they had any vaccines left.

We got our regular annual flu shots way back on 18 September, earlier than usual. But as my PHYS-1060 Stars and Galaxies students have succumbed to the evils of the H1N1 virus, I've wondered when or if we'd be able to get vaccinated. On the one hand, we're both over fifty, so there's some evidence that exposure to the bad flues of the '60s and '70s might provide some immunity. On the other hand, with reports of perhaps 20% or more of WMU students getting H1N1, and several of my students even being stowed in the quarantine dorms, I'm clearly working in a cesspool of swine flu infection. (grin)

We got down there and there was nobody in line. They'd had a lot of customers early on, but there was no one waiting as we filled out the forms. I'd been concerned that they'd only have the nasal mist vaccine left, and since I'm still taking some steroids for my sinuses, I didn't know if that was a clever idea. Not to worry, old fogies like us over-fifty types aren't supposed to get the nasal mist -- as I thought I'd heard a while back, it's way less effective for us.

So that was Wednesday and this is Friday night now. And other than a little bit of upper arm soreness, we've not had any problems. It takes some time to be fully effective, but if I can keep from getting sick between now and the start of classes in January, I hope I can make it through the double-flu season of 2009-10 without getting sick from that crud.

Yay, vaccines! Boo, viruses!

Dr. Phil
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