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"Under Suspicion" Reviewed At Dear Author

Tangle Girls Continues To Be Reviewed

Just found a November 11th review of "Under Suspicion" and the Tangle Girls anthology by the website Dear Author.

Janine wrote:

Set on the spaceship Mastodon, “Under Suspicion” begins when a shipwide alarm sounds, alerting United Star Fleet Ensign Lily Branoch and her fellow crewmembers to an accident in the main hanger. In the process of helping to rescue people trapped under “cargotainers,” Lily encounters a beautiful marine whose name she doesn’t catch. She glimpses the woman again before she learns that she is Lt. Cruz-Ortega.

Lily is powerfully attracted to the woman, so much so that she can’t get the lieutenant out of her mind. But this distraction becomes a problem when Lily begins to suspect that the beautiful Daniella may be involved in a plot to smuggle weapons off the Mastodon. Could Daniella Cruz-Ortega’s lovely face be hiding treachery? And even if not, will Lily ever get up the gumption to ask her out?

“Under Suspicion” was an enjoyable story and it probably had the most relationship focus of any of the stories in this collection. Lily was likable and the enigmatic Daniella was compelling. The worldbuilding was solid and I liked the military atmosphere. My main complaint is that due to the nature of the plot, the relationship between the two women did not develop that much. Nonetheless it was fun, though I would have liked it to be a bit more substantial.

Overall grade for the anthology is a B-, with "Under Suspicion" getting a C+/B-.

Given that the reviewer was looking at this from a Romance point of view, I can appreciate that my story held back and ended before Lily and Daniella's relationship gets very far. So you won't see me complaining about my grade. (grin) Especially since I thought the reviewer did a superb job of describing and analyzing my story. (double-grin) And I cannot find fault with someone who puts my ship names in italics. (triple-word-score-grin)

Another reason to appreciate this review of Blind Eye Book's anthology Tangle Girls, is the lament in the comments section that they don't see enough f/f Romance fiction to review. So I call this a win all the way around.

Tangle Girls is available from Blind Eye Books and

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