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That Horizontal Snowing All Day Thing

Great Minds Think Alike, Again

Yesterday afternoon I decided to cancel my last class for today. It wasn't an easy decision, but I wanted to post it about 24 hours in advance so that students might check the webpage as I told them to on Tuesday and not hit the roads for no reason if I wasn't going to be there.

Ah, but at around 7:30 this morning I saw on Channel 3's scroll on the bottom of the screen that WMU was indeed closed today:

Good for them. Last night K-zoo was getting clobbered by the wind and snow, and with the plunge in temps -- it was 36° yesterday afternoon, 19°F this morning and 16°F now -- people were sliding off the highways and unable to slow down to get on exit ramps at 35mph! It's not the snow so much, but the combination of slick ice and whiteout conditions.

The funny thing is that storms come, WMU steadfastly maintains that they don't close very often, Dr. Phil reluctantly decides ahead of time to cancel a class due to treacherous roads -- and I swear that someone in the administration either looks at class webpage or my LJ and says, "OMG, Dr. Phil who drives through anything says it's too bad to come in today. We better shut down!". (huge-grin)

Oh, and look -- GVSU, who also never closes, is closing in half an hour, too:

I'd Show You A Picture...

... but what's the point? It's white outside. The snow is blowing at 35mph mostly horizontally. The picture would be a waste of disk and pixel space. (snowy-grin)

Oh, and update: Originally the Blizzard warning was to expire at 4pm today. That's been extended to 6am on Friday morning. Guess we'll see about those extra Friday office hours...

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