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Christmas Plus Or Minus A Day

The Good News

The company we briefly had at the beginning of the week made it back towards Chicago on Tuesday. Not Wednesday. Because by Wednesday the route to Chicago late in the day was a mass of pink on The Weather Channel -- and that meant freezing rain and slush. Ugh.

"Biggest Christmas Storm In Eighteen Years"

Or so I read from someone in Wisconsin on Facebook. Parts of Wisconsin are expected to get two feet (or more) of snow. If you're doing a Wisconsin Christmas, I hope you're already there.

Sliding Into Ho-Ho-Ho

Meanwhile, in West Michigan on this side of Lake Michigan we're on Winter Watches for tonight, with some freezing rain passing through. But Christmas Eve during the day should still be clear -- Christmas Eve Eve started out with bright sun and clear skies. Then from 5pm Christmas Eve to 5pm Christmas we're going to get more freezing rain and crap, changing to rain and warming up to 37°F on Saturday. So it'll be slick and treacherous here, and our driveway will be a wet sheet of ice. And then it'll melt off before the next snow? Maybe?

We're on the southern end of the storm and are not supposed to get the big snow in Milwaukee. That's what they say. We'll see.

Tuesday and Wednesday next week should be clear. Maybe.

Anyway, we're not going anywhere on Christmas. Let it frain. Let it drizzle. Let it freeze.

Dr. Phil
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