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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas 'Round Hereabouts

Mmmm -- Smells Good

There has been much baking the last couple of weeks. The latest projects have been for us:

Over on Facebook, Mrs. Dr. Phil had posted:
It's been a busy morning, and I'm liking the results! -- Mother-in-law's poppyseed coffee cake recipe, mince pie with pastry made with vodka, and an entire stollen just for us!


Plenty to share -- c'mon over!

Naturally I had to reply:
No, no! It's way too crowded here. No room. And, uh, the roads are going to be icy. You'll slide off the road trying to get here. Really. And, uh,you'd never make it up our LONG ICY TERRIFYING driveway. Yeah. You, uh, better stay home. And leave the poppyseed, mince pie and stollen for me... for us, I mean! -- Dr. Phil

The cats, however, get nothing, NOTHING I tell you, of our lovely holiday baked goods.

I've suspected our well water as part of the reason why Mrs. Dr. Phil has had problems with pie crust the last few years. So the vodka pie crust trick probably provides a solvent suitable to getting everything to line up right.

The Usual Updates

The coming weather hasn't yet arrived. The temp is hovering around 31°F, but it feels icy cold outside -- must be damp. And with the oven on earlier, the thermostat is just sure the house is warm enough... not.

Gas, which I haven't ranted about in a while, has had fairly steady prices the last month, staying around $2.57.9/gal for regular -- no sudden jump for Christmas. Maybe they'll save it for a New Year's increase. (grin)

Dr. Santa
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