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Some Of Our Christmas

Life in West Michigan is Good

Stayed home and inside, warm and dry. Watched The Yule Log on FOX-17, A Christmas Story on TBS, then Mythbusters marathon most of the rest of the day. (grin)

The Cutting of the Stollen

The Cutting of the Poppyseed

The Christmas Breakfast: Clementines, Stollen, Poppyseed and Kielbasa

Poor Sam -- Christmas Breakfast is All Gone

Across the Living Room, Blue is Hiding and Bagel is Just an Orange Butt in the Rocking Chair

Our Christmas Dinner -- Yum!
Little Cornish Hens, Potatoes, Wild & Brown Rice, Gravy, Peas, Cranberry-Orange Relish
and Mince Pie with Brandy Hard Sauce for Dessert

Hope your Christmas/Holiday dinner was lovely, too.

Dr. Phil
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