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Home From The Holidays


The 6th of January 2010 -- the end of the Traditional Christmas Season.

We did a series of Christmases this year. We had some company on December 21st. We had our very private Christmas at home on December 25th. And then on Tuesday 29 December we flew down to my folks in Greensboro NC, having our family Christmas on New Year's Eve, followed by New Year's. And now we're home.

I have some thoughts and stories to relate. Yes, we were flying Northwest via Detroit. (grin) Right now I've been updating class webpages for the new semester, which starts on Monday 11 January 2010. Trying something new this semester -- providing some weekly checklists that students can fill out and print out, if they care to. I'm hoping it will give my students a new way to remember to keep their studying up.

More anon, good people.

Oh, and all you who've been jumping on the bandwagon and writing up your Best Of the Decade -- like the error of having the year 2000 be the start of the 21st century, this decade ends 31 December 2010 -- so you're wrong. (double-dating-grin)

Dr. Phil
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