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Author Copies From Greece!

Today, Wednesday, I received my three author copies of my story "ΤΟ ΠΡΩΤΟ ΣΟΥ ΠΡΑΓΜΑΤΙΚΟ ΠΥΡΑΥΛΟΚΙΝΗΤΟ" ("Your First Real Rocket Ship" or "THE ONE YOUR REAL rocket" according to Google Translation) published in Εννέα (Nine) issue 443 back on Τετάρτη 11 Φεβρουαρίου 2009 -- whoa, that's way back on Wednesday 11 February 2009! They definitely work on their own timeline over there, as I didn't hear from them until 1 December 2009. Yes, they publish first then tell you later.

This is my second story translated into Greek and published in Εννέα, the first was "The Uranium Age". Neither story has yet sold to an English language market, so it's a nice little source of Euros.

As I mentioned a year ago, Εννέα is a lovely SF and comic supplement. Really nice illustrations for my stories, decent covers and a lot of the comics are understandable even if they are in Greek. Heck, I have a harder time trying to figure out what the punch line in English was for The Far Side cartoons -- out of four I've seen, I know two really well. (grin)


I still have one submission to them from May, back when I assumed that "Your First Real Rocket Ship" hadn't made the cut, so I could already have a third story published with Εννέα. And that would suit me just fine. General reminder is that Εννέα needs a lot of SF stories, they've raised their word counts, they will do the translations and eventually they will get around to paying you if they get around to publishing you. (grin)

What's not to love?

Dr. Phil
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