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A Drive Deferred

I'd Planned To Go To The Office Today...

... but the morning's slippery conditions and the forecast for 3-6" of snow along my route told me, "Look, you don't have to go in this week, so just don't." Okay. I hate having to go and get a new parking sticker the first day of class, but it can't be helped -- I can't go tomorrow.

Several times the last couple of weeks it's looked like we lived in a snow globe. But today is was more like living under a flour sifter.

This is not that much snow, nor that much cold. But it is winter weather and one should not treat it cavalierly. Watched a plow today take out a newspaper tube by the side of the road with its extended wing grading the shoulder.

When we left last week, gas was running around $2.63.9/gal for regular. On Tuesday, when we drove in to get some groceries and see how full the P.O. Box was, our usual gas station was at $2.79.9/gal, while the others in town were at $2.56.9/gal. Was gas going up? Or down? Silly question. Everyone was at $2.79.9/gal the next day.

Life continues in the new year.

Dr. Phil
Tags: driving, gas prices, weather, west michigan, wmu

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