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Aw Damn... IROSF To End In February

This Just In

My morning e-mail had the monthly announcement of a new online issue of IROSF, The Internet Review Of Science Fiction. But it was also the bearer of bad tidings. Blunt "Bluejack" Jackson's editorial says:
The decision has been made. The announcements have been sent.

IROSF will suspend publication after the February issue.

Alas, it is the old story -- money and time. The irony is that the last year or so they upgraded their website and found a new home for Kristine Kathryn Rusch's "Signals" column in December 2008 after Æon Speculative Fiction folded. Despite having many worthy volunteers assisting, there comes a time when it is not enough. I'd be curious to know how big their e-subscriber list was and how many hits. No doubt Bluejack will get offers by others to continue it on in another form -- IROSF has survived other attempts to shut down. (grin) But one must soldier on and prepare for the current eventuality our here in the real world.

My own comments to the growing list of comments to the editorial:
I didn't quite get in on the beginning, but I've been an IROSF subscriber since July 2004. Learned about it from the extended contacts family I'd just joined after the 2004 Clarion workshop. IROSF has been an excellent resource every month, with insightful articles and reviews of the SF/F scene. I have a pair of IROSF hats from Cafe Press and have worn them at the cons I go to and have tried to otherwise spread the word.

It's been a good run and I will sorely miss IROSF come March 2010. Good luck to all and Thank You.

Dr. Phil

The Internet Review Of Science Fiction is/was all about reviews. Review articles on the past and reviews of many of the current and recent magazine offerings, both print and online. Even Dr. Phil has had his own short stories reviewed in IROSF. There is the new issue for January 2010 and one more for February 2010. It's not to late to jump over and visit IROSF and see what you've been missing -- and what we all will miss come March.

Dr. Phil
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