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Shawn Powers' House Burned Out

A friend of mine via online, the UCF, also an editor at Linux Journal and a legendary battler on the Atari 2600 in modern times, Shawn Powers, has posted that he's lost his house -- burned out. The family is okay, but they lost their animals.

From Shawn's phone about an hour ago...

Some of the people at Linux Journal set up a fund raising site to help the Powers on ChipIn -- in just a few hours they've raised nearly a thousand dollars. While money cannot replace that which is lost, on a cold winter's day in northern Michigan, knowing that those who care are helping out if they can is a blessing in itself.

Life goes on, with the good and the bad. Sometimes life can seem to get lost, or at least wanders aimlessly bewildered in the wake of massive bad news such as the earthquake in Haiti. But I know that when life smacks you in the face and you're having to deal with an immediate crisis, it doesn't seem so distant or minor. Shawn -- we're thinking of you and your family.

Thought some of the rest of you out there would like to know.

Dr. Phil
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