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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)

Another MLK Day

I'm not sure what most of my students think about MLK Day. Science and engineering majors aren't the most culturally literate and empathetic of people -- they tend to be grounded in the reality in front of them and take a cost benefit analysis to a lot of the humanities part of the university curriculum, which usually loses out. They take to literature and history kicking and screaming at times. Demographically, they just aren't that into MLK Day, on average. They definitely don't appreciate any comments about King and race in a Physics class.


It's easy to post today and talk about "the progress" made. President Obama. Bill Cosby. L.L. Cool J on a hit series as a Federal agent. Uhuru getting Spock in the Star Trek reboot. See how strange it begins to sound? And coming from a middle-aged white guy, it's no doubt insulting as well. NPR had a piece this morning about Newton MA being the "first community" to have a black mayor, governor and president. Progress? Sure. But basically not the conversation that needs to be out in the air.

As Others Comment

So I will leave you with links to a couple of postings from others on MLK Day. Here. Here. And not a lot else posted at midday.

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