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A Sale For Haiti

100 Stories For Haiti

Just got word that my 2004 Clarion 800-word challenge story from Week 5, "Three Drink Minimum", was selected to be included in "100 Stories For Haiti" fundraiser.


100 Stories for Haiti is a collection of short stories donated by writers EVERYWHERE.

Nick Harkaway, author of the best-selling novel The Gone Away World, wrote a story for the book and penned the introduction. And over 400 authors, journalists, and publishing professionals have helped with putting this book together in record time, so we can get money to where it matters, fast.


100 Stories for Haiti is coming out as an ebook on, and as a paperback through Unbound Press. Both editions will be available online, February/March, 2010.

Amazing when the Internet community comes together in a hurry. I heard about this from a couple of sources, including John Scalzi, on the day submissions were due. But the organizers also said anyone hearing about it late from Scalzi could get an extra couple of days, though I didn't need it. Raising money for Haiti relief from international authors via a suddenly cobbled up all volunteer organization in the U.K. So 2010...

Will advise y'all when it is available. But if you're desperate to read a short Dr. Phil story, you could always hop over to my website and read "Three Oreo Minimum".

Dr. Phil
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